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Where to start?

It took me a while to ever tell people I was an Author. And to be honest, it still sounds odd rolling off the tongue, after almost 4 years. But sure enough, I've found ability to verbalize it and it has been the starter some amazing conversations.

Typically, somewhere within the exchanges, I get asked,"So how did you end up publishing Children's Books?" And what's always challenging for me is that people have a story already spun in their head. But tt's never been a simple or picture perfect answer; I don't know that I ever would have found myself in this world if the world hadn't bitten me in the butt a handful of times.

I was mad at where I was at in my life when I started submitting PB& J, my first book. I hadn't accomplished as many things as I'd hoped and nothing seemed to be in my favor, so I figured 'Screw the world! What do I have to lose?" Nothing. Nothing was the answer. There were only things to be gained.

I could bore you with the nitty gritty of the bumps and curves and breaks in the path to where I am, but the heart of the question always comes back to a desire, from most people asking, to understand, "where do I start?"

That is a much easier answer.

You start with a word. You tap your fingers to the keyboard or you find your favorite pen (or the one you have access to) and you start writing on whatever piece of paper is closest to you. Really, it doesn't matter which piece of paper or which word you start with. The real answer to the question is: You simply begin writing.

And if you have already done that, you're so much closer. Now you just need to determine your next step: show it to someone, edit it, send it in to a publisher, or whatever small step moves you forward. No matter where you're at in the process, you always need to reach for that next step and decide to make it happen.

Anyone can start the publishing process. Anyone could be an author. Anyone can take that first step, the second, and even the third. However, only the person who chooses to keep taking the step forward will find their way into the industry, no matter how small the step.

So where do you start? Better question, in my mind, when will you start? Make it today.

And once you've started, how will you continue to step forward?

Thank you for subscribing and reading! Next post will focus on the necessary persistence!

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