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Make it ALL Happen! Or Try to!

So I learned last week that Instagram & keeping the content flowing is wildly important and I got an Instagram going, but outside of learning to keep that moving, I've been taking a lot of time to learn how to build my schedule around my business. And I am positive that I am not the only one trying to juggle my house, my health, my full-time job, my relationships AND my business!

I've always wanted a 25th hour in the day, but if you asked anyone in my life, I'd just fill it with something and beg for a 26th. Time has become more and more of a commodity and it isn't going to get easier; life is like that!

I am not an expert, but I'm learning some tricks. So here is what I'm doing to try to balance it all:

1. Schedule Everything! I have an hour-by-hour calendar that I live by, not on my phone. Everything from work, to personal life, to business finds it's chunk of time! I have been finding that if I pencil each piece in, I am more committed to making it happen. I even started scheduling my laundry and making dinner!

2. A day of Home Chore is not a day wasted! My big lesson this week was this. Even though I had scheduled time to work on Dreambuilt Books snow had fallen, I needed to work out, so did my dog, and I hadn't gotten anything done around the house. Sometimes it is entirely worth your energy to take time to make yourself good food, get your exercise in, and get all the chores taken care of so the mental clutter, of things you SHOULD do, has no space between you and what you WANT to do. It's working for me today!

3. Organize yourself! I have not perfected this in the slightest yet, but I am full of To-Do Lists, Must-Do Lists, Binders, and Folders. I am learning to keep all the documents & all the bills in the right home so that I'm not feeling like I've missed something. And set up a routine. It really plays into #1. Create a routine and organize how you alot your time.

4. Hold yourself accountable. None of this is going to happen if you keep waiting, so when you make the plan, when you determine your organization, and when you set it aside for the SHOULD DOs, stick to it. As I'm learning, your confidence in your ability to follow-through leads to your confidence that you CAN make it happen. It's all about trusting your own ability, but it starts with following through for yourself.

5. Take time for you! My boyfriend would attest. I am awful at this, but to aim to be better. I took yesterday for house things, I've been scheduling in my workouts, and I also require myself to leave one hour for down-time before bed! It's a work in progress! But if you can do it, make it happen!

Now the real disclaimer is that these are all the things I am still trying to figure out for myself. The list is evolving; my skills for all of this are too.

If you have a tip or trick, please comment below and share with everyone (and me!) what you've learned about juggling all of the moving pieces!

Don't leave without leaving some insight, questions, or feedback! I want to hear from you!

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