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2018 Goals

Did you know that only roughly 20% of businesses survive their first year? I did. And that is our goal. We are not only going to see September 2018 and celebrate our 1 year anniversary, but we are going to have small business success to share with you all!

I'll turn these into SMART Goals as I fulfill my desperately necessary Business Plan for the year, but here they are.

- send to print two new children's picture books

- sign on three new partner stores to carry our books

- participate in 6 events, including our beloved UntitledTown Book Festival & Soup N Santa

- find an accountant

- sell 200 copies of Dreambuilt Titles

- get 25 customer reviews on Amazon

- read 2 business owner self-development books

What are your goals for the year? How are you going to achieve them?

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