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New Books-

Next Book Launch-- October 2023

Worry Won't Win

Moe & Liza Explore Anxiety

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Why did I write a book about Anxiety?
#1 Reason: Because I have terrible anxiety!
#2 Reason: I think a lot of us have anxiety.
#3 Reason: I was in my 30s when I finally discovered a way of understanding it that really made sense.
#4 Reason: I want to help kids & parents understand it in a palatable way.

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Can You Be Brave?

by: Nicole & Giuliana Clarke

Book Launch-- November 29, 2023


Why did Nicole & Giuliana write this Book?
#1 Reason: Auto-Immune Diseases can be scary and lonely!
#2 Reason: Feeling supported through the challenges of lots of doctor visits is important!
#3 Reason: Ulcerative Colitis for kids can impact a lot of how they feel they fit in!
#4 Reason: Giuliana battled feeling brave through her visits and knew that this could help others!

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