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My Process

I am always looking for more ideas on what you're looking to read to those young little things! So don't forget to comment below and let me know!

Dreambuilt Books is a two part business model, focused on investing in the success of others and writing meaningful words for our audiences. So for every children's picture books, the beginning point of my process is identifying my purpose for writing the book.

I'll use my book "Guts" as my example!

1. Purpose: I met too many young people who barely understood what intuition was, let alone the idea of how to identify and trust it. So I wanted to teach what my parent's taught me, how to understand your body's innate right vs. wrong sensors.

2. Scenario: Create the story line that kids can identify with. Put them in a realistic life event so that they can better identify with what you're trying to help them understand.

3. Start Writing: I'm a rhymer, so I love to do a little word dance. But unplug, put yourself in a spot where your mind is clear and tell the story to yourself. If typing doesn't work, record yourself. And if you get hung up in another spot, then just leave spaces to go back to.

4. Reward: Do they need to see a reward in the book. I remember writing "Guts" and feeling like there was something missing, an ice cream social! He chose the right thing to do, so he needed to be rewarded. But also, the kids who made the bad decision needed to have consquences. So go back and make sure you've got the lesson covered on Rewards & Consequences.

5. Share It: Show it to someone who hasn't seen it yet and leave room for feedback. Make sure the words you said are being read the way you intended. And don't take it personally, they are trying to help you!

Some days, this takes me an hour and sometimes I sit on an idea for months. But the process is always the same, for me. Identify your process and stick with it! And keep writing.

Don't forget to let me know what you think young people need to read about! What are your writing processes? Or where do you get stuck?

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