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5 Elements of Strong Children's Books

I believe the words that we share with our young readers matter the most, carry the biggest potential and alter the future considerable. It is a responsibility that these books are of quality ideas! So to get you started, I've identified the 5 Elements I use when framing my books:

1. What is the Lesson?

What will my character, and my reader, learn from this book? What is the valuable lesson that is missing, that I want to tell a story about?

2. Who is my character?

Simple enough, right? Give your character a name and start imagining them!

3. What will be their challenge?

What obstacle are you going to put in from on them? Make sure it is palatable and easy to understand for your readers. You want them to be able to identify it themselves.

4. What will be the choice?

What is the choice your character needs to make? Make sure this is, again, very clearly portrayed and simple to understand.

5. What will is the result?

Provide a victory at the end. Because of the choice and the lesson learn, what was the reward? What makes it worth overcoming the challenge? Show your readers a victory!

Once you've outlined these 5 things. Sit down and start to tell the story. Imagine what your character is going to experience to pull this all together. And if it doesn't work the first time through, go back and do it again!

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