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To Self-Publish or Not... Part 2/5

We are back at it with my second point on deciding which publishing route is the best route for you to pursue!

And to circle back for anyone who forgot or didn't read Part 1, there are so many factors to consider, in my opinion. And I am just one perspective, so I encourage you to look at a lot of different opinions. I will focus on three types of publishing: Traditional, Indie Publishers and Self-Publishing. So what are some of those factors? Cost, Control, the Business-Model, Branding, and Timelines! This post is about the Control!

Control was another huge factor for me when I switched to creating my own Indie Publishing Company! While I am not a control-freak, I do like to feel empowered and in-the-know. So how important is it for you to be the one driving your publishing vehicle?

Traditional Publishing: This is going to be the lowest point of control. While you will possibly still retain rights (though that isn't a guarantee), you will be at the opinions of your publisher and your agent. What they believe will sell is what you will need to provide. Additionally, you'll be financially tied to their decisions, their systems and their brand. This can be a great thing if you get connected to one that fits your brand, but terrible if you end up with a company that doesn't align with your goals.

Indie Publishing: There is often less financial control, but you're still tied to their policies. My biggest struggle was policies that didn't allow me to sign contracts that certain bookstores required, or not having transparency with my online sales. What I have found is that you do a lot of work, but you still don't have enough control to really move forward.

Self-Publishing: You get to determine everything you do, where you sell, and how it all happens. This is amazing, because there is not ambiguity to where you're at. But having full control also comes with a lot of responsibility and education. This requires that you understand resale laws, copyright laws, marketing, accounting, and more. With full control come a lot of work. To me, the work I put in to have full control wasn't enough more to make it worth fulfilling someone else's dream.

The biggest advice I have is understand the control you and they have in the process. Questions I wish I would have asked are:

-How are the online sales determined?

-What are my responsibilities and what will the company take responsibility for?

-What limitations come with signing a contract with your company?

-What benefits do I have working with your company over the next or self-publishing?

I'm sure there are more questions to ask, but I'd start there if I were to do it again. There is also so much more I could say about the Control Factor. So do not hesitate to post a question or email me at

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