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Grab the children’s book that celebrates the strong values of love!


“It’s the roots that keep you grounded when life sends you a storm and the feeling that keeps your heart open and warm.”


Open the pages of our next adventure…

Henry and Lucy are asked to stand up at a wedding! Together they discover meaning in the big celebration. This is a story about the celebration and values that come with love; it’s a small reminder that love is very important in our lives. This is a wedding book that walks you through the day and helps ring bearers and flower girls to understand their role in the big day.


“Would highly recommend to any newly engaged couple looking for a cute gift to ask their flower girl or ring bearer to be a part of their special day!”

 – Amazon Reviewer


Use this book for children as a tool to open discussions about weddings, love, family and values! This book makes a great wedding gift for your ring bearers and flower girls. This is a book that will allow any family to talk about love and what that marriage connection means.


Children's Book that bring the value of love to the forefront of bedtime stories.

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