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Worry Won't Win: Moe & Liza Explore Anxiety

Worry Won't Win: Moe & Liza Explore Anxiety

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The Next in our Moe Exploring Series is here!


Moe & Liza are share what it's like when anxiety pops up in your day to day life and learn how to cope.


This book explores the topic of Anxiety, recognizing that it is prevalent and challenging to face. Sometimes recognizing that the anxious thoughts we have are like having a roommate in our head can help us to look at them different and choose to focus on other thoughts. Join Liza as she learns to focus on things around her, put her thoughts to bed, and breathe deeply.


In a world where the worries of anxiety can feel heavy, it is time to start exploring ways to cope with it our lives early.


Tackling difficult topics with your children just got easier!


This parenting tool will change the way you talk with your young readers about appearances.

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