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Built on dreams, written with purpose

When I started imagining my own publishing, everything I wanted to do began and ended with providing better opportunity to succeed for new writers and writing meaningful books for all ages. So built on my childhood dreams of being a published author, and designed to provide intentionally written books, Dreambuilt Books has been crafted and the journey is just beginning.

It has been almost 4 years since I started submitting my first Children's Book to area publishers, hoping that I had what it took to get published. I would stay up at night, in my bedroom in North Hudson, WI, googling Wisconsin Publishers and 'How to submit a manuscript'. And after two acceptances from different Wisconsin Publishers, I began my career of publishing in the winter of 2013. It honestly feels like it was both yesterday and 10 years ago, but it wasn't and it isn't. It was a blessing and the best stepping stone I could've asked for. It was what I needed to step forward, to begin realizing it could be more than just a dream.

Since those nights, it has been a long, challenging, and rewarding era of my life. I have found successes and spoken of those successes at a book festival. I have sat a book event with no listeners. I lost hundreds of dollars in inventory to a different book festival. And I've stood and spoken to very young writers who saw me as an inspiration. The ups and downs have tested me and taught me. And to be entirely candid, had it not been for my families support, we likely wouldn't be in this position today. Support can make or break it. It's not an easy journey, but as all journeys are in their own way, it's been absolutely worth it.

I look forward to sharing with all my future followers my experiences, my advice, my writing, and my news. My readers are part of my dreams, so share with me your questions or your SXLLM​feedback. Help my writing serve a purpose for you today! And if you have dreams of publishing as well, send your writing my way and we will see if it has a home with Dreambuilt Books.

Tune in next for my tips and tricks to making it happen while working a full-time career!

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