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Do a Dance for the Good Days!

I used to work for the YMCA in Hudson, WI. And while I was there, I never quite understood why people who hoot and holler in the group fitness classes. Truthfully, I thought they sounded crazy and I remained silent.

I've been working out using YouTube videos at my house and suddenly I found myself hooting and hollering with the video! And then I learned two things that changed:

One. I am not good at celebrating my victories publicly. I am learning, but despite common perception, I am incredibly self-conscious about my writing and don't always believe that I have what it takes to find success.

That can't be the case anymore. We all can find a way to be proud and confident, without being boastful.

And two. You need to cheer yourself on. Because when you're tired and your muscles burn, you need a cheerleader and the rest of the world can't hold your hand every day, so you need to learn to cheer yourself on too.

And now we do a little dance, because Dreambuilt Books was asked to speak on a panel of female entrepreneurs about persevering and not being afraid to take control of your own future. I feel so blessed to have been in the right place, sharing my experience with the right person, and having the courage to take my seat on the panel, to share the whole story I've written so far.

That picture was a beautiful view after a long hike up a mountain in New Zealand. And when we saw the beautiful view, we danced a little. Our muscles didn't hurt as badly after. Kidding they did, but we were more motivated!

Comment below and let us know how we can celebrate you!

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