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5 Tricks to Breaking Through Writiers Block

Writer's Block is a long known challenge that all writers inevitably find themselves butt up against. The hardest part of meeting your new challenge head on is circumventing your emotional response to it. For some reason, and I've heard others say this too, we hit writer's block and amount it to some level of failure, inexperience, lack of skill or what ever else you may have said to yourself. But the reality is, writer's block happens to everyone.

Creativity is not a linear line your walk. Creativity is about experiences and imagination colliding to create something that is not yet in existence. And you are not guaranteed to be 100% creative every day. That just isn't a realistic expectation for yourself. So what's the trick?

Sorry, there is not simple, guaranteed fix. The hard truth is that what worked this one time, may not work next, and what worked for one person isn't guaranteed to work for you. So that sucks and I'm sorry to have to be honest about that.

But what have people tried? What are some tricks that have worked at least once? Can we generate some ideas that other people can try?

So here are my Top 5 Tricks to breaking myself away from Writer's Block!

1. Change up your location: this could be a different room i

n your house, a different coffee shop than normal, or I've gone as far as a cliff on the edge of quarry. Shake up your environment and you just might shake up your mind.

2. Change your writing utensil: If you always write on a laptop, grab a pen and paper. Or a crayon or a marker or whatever is out of the norm. Again, move yourself into a different head space!

3. Read a Book. Get revitalized by someone else's words. No, you don't want to then turn around and use that for your inspiration, but immersing yourself in the literary work illuminates your imagination and that will get your creativity flowing again!

4. Write about something else. People seem to think sometimes that you can only write one thing at a time. Well that is just foolish. Sometimes you need to step away and come back to what you're working on. Go find writing prompts, look for new ideas and write about something completely different. Then go back.

5. Rewrite what you have or edit sentence structures. Just keep writing. Don't let writer's block be your excuse to set the work aside and stop. If you edit your work, that is still progress. And you may just sit within your book (not trying to write) long enough that you feel the magic of your book again!

Boom! 5 Tips.

Go try them!

Writer's Block is not a bad thing, just a beckoning of your mind to switch things up a bit!

And if you have something else that helped you, share it with us in the comments!

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