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LOST. 5 Reasons this belongs on every bookshelf.

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

To all the lovely people reading with us today, I am excited to share the Newest Book Lost

with all of you! When I was working on the next title in the Dreambuilt Kids Series, I had a lot of ideas tossed my direction and the ideas of tackling grief, while overwhelming in complexity and emotions, was truly an important topic for our readers. I am beyond proud to add this book to our world and without any doubt, I believe this book belongs on every bookshelf. Here's why:

It is an inevitable lesson. None of us are free from the reality that we will lose someone some day. It is easy to forget that we will all face the unimaginable pain of losing our loved ones, but none of us will make it through life without loss. So, what we can do as adults is start the conversation simply and early. Sheltering our young people from death only means that when they begin to experience loss & grief, they will not understand the emotions or how to move forward. And it is hard enough to grieve without having never developed any tools to cope.

Normalizing the grief tsunami is meaningful for emotional health. Grief isn't just losing people; it is losing experiences, safety, jobs, and anything we held of great importance. Look at the world we live in today! Our grief is the loss of normalcy and autonomy. And while some people will suffer greater loss than others, we need to be able to talk about those feelings openly and let them exist without judgement. The only thing harder than the emotions themselves is feeling like you're wrong in feeling them.

We took diversity to the next level this time!

At Dreambuilt Books, we believe that every

child should be able to see themselves in our books and connect to the stories. We work with Illustrators who help to bring that to life. We hired an incredible first-time children's book illustrator, Rachael Hawkes, to bring this story to life and she knocked it out of the park! While our title, Celebrate, had done an incredible job bringing similar components into the story, Lost truly displays every beautiful skin color, differently-able young people, and different cultures. Every bookshelf needs more diversity. We've got you covered!

We use language that is challenging, but palatable for young readers. We believe that our readers should be challenged so that their reading skills, language comprehension and overall literacy are improved by experiencing our books. Yet again, we've brought that into this story. Our books are used in Literacy Councils to enhance English comprehension. Your bookshelf should bolster their skills, not simply meet them where they are at today.

You've got to complete your collection, or start it! Let's be honest, this is a seven book series today and we're not going away or slowing down. No matter where you're at in the Dreambuilt Kids Series, you're supporting a small indie publishing company run by a Millenial Couple in Wisconsin and we're passionate about the books we create. You're shopping small, possible local, and keeping us going so that we can keep putting out great books!

5 Reasons! You won't be disappointed and you will improve your young reader's life. While I know I am completely bias, join us on July 10 to hear from others about why they keep our books on their bookshelves!

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