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I've come to find that dreams are a great big responsibility. And that responsibility is yours alone. Lucky you! That means that when push comes to shove, no one can make it happen for you, except for you.

A huge reason why I took on indie publishing was because I had a 'partner' in the business, but I still had all of the responsibility it seemed. I still did all my own marketing, my own events, my own sales, found my illustrators, and paid for an additional things I needed for the books. If I was going to assume all responsibility, I wanted all control then too. And now, here we are!

My dreams are pretty well, for the most part, outlined all over my website: a publishing company about building up dreams and writing books with purpose! But there are a lot of other goals and achievements that have to happen to make the dream happen: get another book on the market, build an audience, manage my finances, book events, boost sales, and increase marketing. Like I said, just one or two things.

As I was drowning in the workload that this all creates, trying to create a break-even analysis, I realized that I couldn't afford to outsource yet, at least not everything!

So i grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and I started drawing who I thought Lucy was as a character. I scribbled that one on, crumpled the paper so that I didn't have to look at it, and started over. After about 5 crumpled papers on the table, I created a cute little lady with red hair, to mimick my first book's character, Lucy.

In small businesses and in life, you can't limit yourself to the budgets, skills, and services of other. You need to be willing to take a step back and see what you can do first. Stretch your own wheel-house and learn the different methods of the business.

Make it happen for yourself. Control your own future success. No matter what anyone says, push yourself forward in any way necessary. And while you learn, never sell yourself short or discredit your growth.

The reality of responsibility is that is has a way of bring out things in ourselves we never envisioned. You will rise to the occasion, so do it today. Own that responsibility and make it happen!

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