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Discomfort Zone

"Today will you choose courage or comfort? You cannot choose both. There is nothing comfortable about being brave with your life." - Brene Brown

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This quote popped into my life this week and it resonated with me because it is true. There is nothing comfortable about expanding your depths, growing your understanding, and trying to achieve something you have not done before.

I am well known for my dislike of change. I am also pretty well known for overthinking things and moving cautiously through my life. I have stayed in careers that I trusted, I have stayed in towns that didn't challenge me, and I have maintained friendships that were easy. Over the years, i have spent a good amount of time playing it safe. But it didn't get me very far.

Every big thing, the things I'm most proud of, have come from moments of courage. They've all brewed from leaning in to uncertainty, from moments when I decided that I was more afraid of staying put. It pushed me to move my entire life, to take a new career path, to start a new relationship, to request the opportunity to present, and initially, to decide I wanted to be an author.

Courage is not an easy thing to choose, but as I have been working to continue growing as a person I am coming to terms with the reality that we need to choose courage, even when it's hard. I've been listening to "The Next Right Thing" by Emily P. Freeman, and she challenged me to revisit this idea by asking one simple questions, "Am I being Led by Love or Led by Fear?"

And those may not be the terms that resonate for you but the principle stands. Are you being led by strength or by Fear? Are you being led by comfort or Courage?

Choose the discomfort. Push yourself farther than you thought you could. You have more capabilities that you often visualize for yourself. You are capable of everything you decide and set your mind to.

Choose the Discomfort Zone and be proud of how you grow because of it!

What is your Discomfort Zone? What is helping you to Choose Courage? let Us know in the comments and Subscribe to our blog!

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