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Know your WHY

The most important thing to know, when you're choosing to do anything, is the why behind your choice.

I've been learning more and more about why I think and feel, something I'm not super in tune with. And when you don't have a clear why, you do need to take the time to learn, but one thing I have always known was why I wanted to write. Your why is more powerful than anything else you will do. People embrace, choose, and invest in things that emotionally move them. More often than not, the mission is more powerful than the product.

Why did I start publishing? I was tired of feeling limited by life. I wanted to make my dream my reality.

Why did I write PB & J? I wrote PB & J, because I believe that if we empower our young people to be their own heroes, then they will shock us with what they are capable of. They will likely shock themselves as well.

Why did I write Guts? Too many kids I worked with didn't understand intuition. I wanted to give a voice to intuition and help young people to find trust in their own instincts again.

Why did I start my own publishing company? I wanted the freedom to do more and make more choices, I want to be the kind of publisher that makes dreams happen, and enjoyable.

What is my WHY?

I believe that the power of words when inspired and empowered can change the world.

Share your Why below! And let your Why drive everything you do!

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