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8 Multicultural Children's Books For Moms

As you can imagine, as an indie author becoming a mother, I stressed longer than I am proud to admit over the first books I'd introduce my little human to. I peppered my registry with books that I felt would intentionally strengthen my new little reader. And if you're familiar with me, you know that I love books that support our multicultural world.

So here for anyone else looking for some amazing children's books that are multicultural, here are eight that I've loved having in our bookshelf, outiside of my own books!

  1. Hello, Friend / Hola, Amigo Though my spanish is... rough, I love the duality of the story in English and Spanish.

  2. Let's Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali! I love both learning and teaching my reader about different cultures!

  3. Dream Big, Little One Showcases people of diverse backgrounds acheiving big dreams!

  4. Nerdy Babies: Space I love the diverse babies learning and exploring science together.

  5. I Color Myself Different Great book on self-love and advocating for a more equitable world

  6. Which Cape Will I Wear Today? Great diversity in characters with a great message!

  7. Most People Again, diverse characters and powerful message!

  8. Un Dia de Nieve A classic is Spanish. Such a great add.

We're constantly adding more to our shelves. Know a great multicultural children's book? Let us know in the comments and we'll go grab it!

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