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Start Writing If You Want to Write a Book

Have you heard the idea that you'll never be ready? And that is you continuously wait to be ready, you'll never do it? Do it scared? Just take the first step? All those ideas are valid, especially when it comes to books and small businesses.

We've officially taken the biggest step to date... We're publishing SOMEONE ELSE!

Mom & Daughter, Nicole & Giuliana
Nicole & Giuliana

Our newest Author Duo, Nicole & Giuliana Clark, are launching their debut book in two weeks, "Can You Be Brave?" and we hope you'll help us on this new venture!

This book is geared towards young people faced with health challenges that are often scary. Giuliana wants them to know they're not alone & they can be brave!

Giuliana has battled Ulcerative Colitis since a young age. Her mom had to take her to many doctors trying to figure out what was wrong & help her get the right diagnosis. When you're young, all those doctors and test can be incredibly scary. It can be hard to choose to be brave.

Check out some image from the book:

The book will officially launch on November 27, 2023!

Grab a pre-order today: CAN YOU BE BRAVE?

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