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Book Thought Thursdays by Me #1

One of the main reasons I love sharing my books and writing my books is because they've stemmed from years of youth development work, watching young people and identifying gaps in the lessons they're hearing. So start young, start teaching them in fun & palatable ways, that was my thought at least.

So now we start my newest Blog Series: Books Thought Thursdays by Me

Let's look at great books and why, from a youth development stand point, we love them and want all kids to read them!

Up First: The Lorax

Starting easy, but let's just face it, anyone who doesn't appreciate this book is just silly and I don't kno

w what to do with them!

The surface level lesson is to care for your environment, but as I was recently discussing the lesson with another person on social media, I realized that the lesson extends farther than we often give it credit for:

"UNLESS, someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

This is applicable to everything in our lives. Any change requires us to care so much that we have to act. As I watch the lack of understanding of youth development with teens, this is what inspires me to sit on boards, committees, and ultimately write a novel. I care that much.

This books causes our young people to stop, consider their actions and consider how much they care and what they will do to be part of the solution.

As always, Dr. Suess is in for a win!

I rate this 10/10 Trufalla Trees, + 5 Stars for creating Bar-ba-loots in the world!

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