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Book Thought Thursdays By Me #4

"Take Chances, make Mistakes, and Get Messy." - Ms. Frizzle

Ms. Frizzle is my spirit animal. She is fun, enthusiatic, educational, and stretches the mind. This is one of the easiest Book Thought Thursdays I could do. "The Magic School Bus" makes young people expand their ideas of the world and expand their imagination.

And her overall message, as stated above, is to not let fear limit your dreams. Believe in the power of the world around you and explore it. And don't be afraid of getting a little dirt on your hands, touch the earth you live on!

In a world with more and more technology, illuminating the power of imagination, encouraging exploring the physical world, and breaking the conventional mold of education, these books are empowering our young people to really experience the world and learn from it in that way. We need these books more than ever.

Invest now! Also look at my cute little fur-beast trying to read; I don't have the heart to break it to him!

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