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Book Thought Thursdays By Me #3

I've said for many many many years now that if curiosity killed the cat, then I should have joined the cat a long time ago. I am one of the most curious humans you'll find! And that is why I have always love "Curious George". Also monkeys, I love monkeys.

The cool part about Curious George is that he should have been diagnosed with ADHD, but I believe there are few doctors specializing in Monkey diagnostics. He is constantly getting distracted, not following the directions, reinventing the directions, and frustrating the people around him, because they didn't plan on him getting into everything.

But George always seems to make good things come from his curiosity. So looking at our young people and considering their energy, their curiosity, and their distractions, I think the books do a great job of not letting George off the hook, but still finding ways to appreciate what good things his curious energy brings forth in the world.

Working with young people with different learning challenges can be a struggle, but reframing the behavior and looking for the wins amongst the chaos are really good tools to make it through! And my biggest piece of advice, let them run wild for 5 minutes before you need them to calm down, burn that excess energy! George would have focused better had he burned his!

Also, if you've haven't read "Curious George goes to an ice cream shop", I am hear to tell you that I would have struggled containing myself as well. I, too, always want all the flavors!

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