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10 Writing Prompts to Break Through Writer's Block

Last week I touched on the idea that writer's block is real and it happens to EVERYONE! So what good would I be to you if I didn't also provide 10 Writing Prompts to bust out of that block?

I would be no good to you; that's honest.

So here are 10 Prompts. Pick one and write for 10 minutes! I'm setting your sight on a small goal. If you think you've got more in you, go for 30 minutes! But start with 10 and make yourself just write. Don't correct; don't put up barriers, just write.

1. Write a story from an animal's point of view. Any animal you want, but what is the story and how do they perceive it.

2. The world is actually ending this time, like for real! But it isn't the way we all expected it to end. What did happen?

3. Write down your 10 favorite things in the world. Don't read the next sentence until you have. Now I want you to use all 10 of those thing in a story.

4. The president has been captured and you happen to be in Washington D.C. on a family vacation. How did you end up involve? How will you save the countries leader?

5. Look out the closest window to you. Write down everything you see for 2 minutes. Using that, write a story about what you saw.

6. Do a 10 Minute Exercise and see how many 6-10 word stories you can tell. Not sure what I mean? ( Example: The trail was ahead. His life abandoned. He stepped forward.)

7. Go over to your bookshelf, close your eyes, and pick up the first book you touch. On a random page, pick a random sentence, and use it as the inspiration for a story or scene. Use the original line within your story.

8. Pick an event that happened in your life, in history, or in your favorite book. Now write the story that explains the conspiracy behind what happened.

9. Your main character just sat down on a park bench. What are they doing? And what happens unexpectedly that takes this average day at the park and makes it extraordinary? Who did they meet? What did they see? What changed suddenly? And what will happen next?

10. Pick an animal or an inanimate object. Tell a story about that animal or object that symbolizes something else. Not every story you read is as simple as the words you read. It could symbolize an experience, a feeling, a memory, a trauma, but use something non-human to tell the story.

That's all for today! And I hope that helps! Share your prompts below and help other people test out new ideas!

Good Luck! Share your newest creations below! I would love to read them!

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