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Our Biggest Barrier

Many may have failed to notice, but I did not. My ability to focus on my goals of growing Dreambuilt Books suffered in the last few weeks. I couldn't seem to drag myself to the computer to make it all happen and come together. Many people may not share those realities with people, but the value of it is far greater than the embarrassment.

A mental block, a depression, a funk, or any sort of emotional downturn is always going to be our biggest obstacle. I've said it many times: our mindset determines our success.

Our greatest tool is our mindset and when it fails us, or when we allow it to fail us, it stunts so much of our ability to move ahead. And when we've fallen into a negative mindset, it can be painfully challenging to break yourself from it, even if you know it's bad and want to be done. So then the question is: how can you best recognize when you're there? who can help to identify it for yourself? and how do you break from it?

My trick to pull myself from it is mighty though simple. I write down positive things.

Day 1 I write as many good things as I can for about 10 minutes.

Day 2+ I write 3 positives each night

Mindsets are a skill. Mindsets take practice. You're not alone in your struggles. But don't forget to practice improving your mindset and framing it for success!

So I'm back. I'm stronger. Are you?

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