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31 Thoughts about my Journey as an Author

It was my 31st birthday on Friday and so I thought, "Hey I bet they want 31 thoughts!" So

that's truly what this is, 31 thoughts I've got about being an author and the 7 years of publishing.

  1. I'm always really glad I made the choice to start publishing

  2. I can't believe what a baby I was when I published PB & J in 2014!

  3. A lot of people expect me to have kids, as a children's book author. I don't.

  4. My husband thought Celebrate was a nudge for him to propose. It wasn't.

  5. I am glad I started with a vanity press, but I also wish I never had.

  6. I don't know how you decide when to stop writing books and what clue to look for.

  7. Making my dog into a character in two books brings me a lot of joy!

  8. Social media makes me cringe, but I do it anyways.

  9. I once lost $250 on a book festival that was a bit scammy... just a bit!

  10. I want to support indie bookstore, but most won't stock my books.

  11. I am very overdue for new professional photos of myself!

  12. I wrote HOME because I always struggle with change & anxiety

  13. After illustrating KIND, I vowed to never illustrate my own book again!

  14. I don't like all other authors equally and pick and choose who I support & how.

  15. I don't think every book written should be published.

  16. I almost quit publishing 4 times that I distinctly remember.

  17. I got my first hardcover version of one of my books just 1 week ago!

  18. I am constantly learning new tools for improving my books

  19. Some of my favorite people to bounce ideas off of I met on Instagram

  20. Since I started publishing, I have struggled to focus on reading

  21. The only two things I hire out are illustrations and taxes

  22. I've gotten really critical about children's book quality

  23. I got my first negative review in 2020 with the book Lost

  24. I cried and questioned everything I do with publishing after that negative review

  25. Buying 10 ISBNs at once made me giddy to PLAN for 10 more titles

  26. The book I identify with most is the newest, Value What's Within

  27. I wrote Lost after I lost my second grandparent

  28. I almost never published, because I didn't have the $600 to spare

  29. I struggled with imposter syndrome; I didn't call myself an author until book #5

  30. Being an indie author has allowed me to donate without asking, that fuels me

  31. I wrote Value What's Within because I struggle daily with body image issues

Now, this may not have been interesting in any capacity to you. Or you may have heard a little of yourself in one of my thoughts. Publishing has become a piece of myself that I don't examine all too often, but when you stop and think through it, it is fascinating and telling about ourselves.

Did you relate to any of those thoughts?

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