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4 Book Launch Practices I wish I'd Started Earlier

Book Launches are... complex, to say the least. After launching 8 books, I am still learning and growing. I would not necessarily say that I've launched books successfully, despite my books doing well after launch. And I think a huge reason is these four things I didn't start soon enough:

Building an Email List-- My email list isn't as big as I would like it to be and that means that I don't have as many people readily available to reach out to! So I would STRONGLY advice, if you haven't started building that list and learning how to engage them yet, start now!

Utilizing funds to boost marketing for the launch. For so many of my books, funds were tight and I worried that spending on marketing would hurt my business more than it helped. But even doing a little would have been better than none. It makes a difference and helps to grow your future income. You DO have to spend money to make money. It's infuriating when you are low on funds. I get it!

Sending out a few free copies to people who will share your book! Again, this was always such a financial component that held me back, but each person who posts your book on their social media is hitting a whole new network of potential customers. And getting more reviews is incredibly valuable. Don't just send the book to anyone. Be selective and ask for help in return!

Getting Reviews before Launch Day! I didn't understand the principles of how people choose to buy. You need at least 10 positive reviews and it makes a world of difference. So utilizing free days to get books to your Launch team and build a base for reviews is really important too!

These are just four things you should consider doing NOW to improve your experience launching your book. Sadly, the list of things you should do would be a full time job for someone. But do what you can with what you have and every little thing you do, will eventually start to provide the impact you're looking for.

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