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Support an Indie Author for Under $10

You know an indie author or follow one on social media, but you're not quite sure how you want to support them?

Or you don't want to commit big dollars to supporting them? Fair. You don't have to!

I don't usually want to take on a big time commitment or financial commitment either!

So here are some VERY HELPFUL ways you can support indie authors that are FREE or under $10!

  • Follow them on Facebook or Instagram & Save or Share their posts! Likes go a long way and count too, but saves and shares go even farther in helping!

  • Invite people to follow on social media. Help them expand their network!

  • Join the Launch Team for new books. Typically you get a free PDF version of the book or free eBook and entered for free giveaways!

  • Leave a Review on Amazon! If you downloaded the free eBook or if you had a copy, a review helps other readers find the book and hear more about people's impressions!

  • Enter into Launch Day Giveaways or Contests! Tag friends, play along, and it may result in a free gift!

  • Pre-order the book-- especially with children's books, they tend to be $9.99 around launch! And this helps to get the book off the ground and through the masses to be found!

  • Pre-order the ebook-- even cheaper-- this is usually a $2.99 commitment and has the same result!

Your small choices when you interact with an indie author can have major ripple effects you don't even realize!

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