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5 Things You Didn't Know about New Books!

You may love new books and love a good book release, but most people don't realize all the different things that go into each book release for authors, especially the independent ones. Want an inside scoop? Read on.

My brother-in-law laughed the first time I told him all the various things I manage to get a book to market, "how could one person possible keep track of all of that"? Well, sometimes we don't, and usually, it just becomes second nature to pull it all together after a few go arounds. But the hardest part, the process is ever evolving!

So what are so fun facts you may not have thought about?

1 To successfully launch a new book, you need to have the book ready 1 month ahead of the launch date! That means the whole process tend to take 6-8 months to get a book out!

2 Behind every successful book launch, is a team of amazing volunteers (The Launch Team) who are reading the book early and reviewing it, honestly! This team can be anywhere from 1-2,000 people easily!

3 You have to study the categories your book is in to know how many books need to sell to hit #10 in a category or #1 in a category on Amazon. This helps to get Amazon's attention and then boosts your book more! This matters because there at over 1 million books published annually and you want people to find yours... 1 in a million!

4 Any events the author does as part of the launch, they have to hunt those down themselves! It's a lot of reaching out and researching different places and pitching you and your book!

5 Most consumers won't purchase a product unless it has a minimum of 10 reviews to back it! (That's why honest Launch Team Reviews are so important!)

Maybe next week I'll layout the full timeline and all the details for you!?

The moral of the story is, when you see a new book hitting shelves there is minimally 6 months of work that has gone into that product.

You have a lot of power to help out that new author, check out last week's post on ways to support an indie author for under $10!

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