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The Challenges of Change

We're deviating a bit from the regular content of Dreambuilt Books, but not really, only kind of. Why? You may be thinking. Because: I am the only one creating content and this is the only content in my brain.

I get asked often, how I come up with the books that we publish, to which I always answer: I write the books that are in my head the moment they come into my head. What that means, really, is that until the moment I start to hear a story pull itself together in my head, it doesn't and won't exist. Same thing as content.

And when I realized it's been a month since I created a blog post, I decided to write what is in my head today.

Two years ago, we published, HOME, which was all about change and uncertainty, that often on the other side of change is a lot of good things. But we also discussed that fear, that unknowing, and the anxiety.

I am living that right now. I was living it two years ago when I wrote it too. We moved cities, are living with my parents, house hunting, and starting two new jobs. It's a lot of great changes, but changes none the less. So what can happen when we are in this much change?

  1. Habits are broken. You fall out of routine and balance. And recreating new ones is sometimes really hard.

  2. Everything in unfamiliar. I kept my favorite coffee cup out of storage so that at least I had that every day that was mine and comforting.

  3. Your lose track of things. Like publishing another book or writing your blog posts. Sometimes you're trying to keep track of so many new things, you lose track of the things you planned to do before the change.

  4. Everything is a little more overwhelming than normal. Things that should upset you may suddenly feel like more weight, because you're already carrying so much. Not knowing where my razor was in week 1 made me cry. It wasn't THAT big of a deal, but it made me sad.

  5. Fear & Anxiety can heighten. Especially if there are unknowns in the mix: will we ever find a house? will we ever be able to afford the type of house we want? what if i'm no good at my new job? what if i never make new friends? It isn't always logical or based in reality, it just exists.

None of these things are the end of the world. None of these things are bound to happen. And this is not an exhaustive list. Heck, I didn't even include the positives.

But, this is what I am experiencing as an adult who made the conscious choice to enter into this space of life.

Imagine if I were a child and feeling all of this, but not understanding it or having control over it?

When facing a lot of changes remember that the thing you're struggling with are not adult-only feelings.

Offer your child more patience.

Create familiarity.

Maintain routines where you can.

And talk to them about their fears and talk through that with them.

And if none of this resonated with you, I do apologize. I was disappointed in m

yself for losing track of Dreambuilt lately, but decided the best thing I could do was be honest with my own challenges of change.

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