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Why Add Value What's Within to your home?

I mean, because I want everyone to grab a copy, duh!

Okay, but really, why did I choose this book and what value is this bringing to your home?

Our most diverse book yet. Our illustrator has joined us in the commitment to help all children find themselves in our books. And Value What's Within was the perfect book to make that statement louder than ever. We want to continue normalizing different people in our books. This will help your children normalize all the people around them, as well!

Body Bias is something that our society is just starting to tackle, but if we can start the conversation younger, we are more likely to change the future. If you didn't learn to remove the words RIGHT & WRONG from how you discuss FOOD, BODIES, EXERCISE, WEIGHT, ETC, then how parents know a better way to teach it? This is a tool to help families change the way we talk about the wonderful people around us.

Tough topics build tough kids. This book takes a positive approach to a challenging topic and the more tough topics your children discuss with you early on, the more comfortable they will be having tough conversations with you as they grow up and life gets more complex.

Your child DESERVES to hear the message that they showed up in this world perfect and all the growth we do in our lives is added bonus.

EVERY PERSON IS DREAMBUILT in their own unique ways! It's our job to learn, from them, what that is.

If you're looking to grab a copy, jump on Amazon and it'll be to your home in 2-days!

And thank you for supporting Dreambuilt Books as we continue to push for children's books that tackle tough topics in partnership with our families!

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